Tiger Bay Clubs are Florida-based political clubs. They are considered non-partisan. We are open to anyone interested in political dialogue and discussion. The Charter and By-Laws of the organization prevent it from endorsing candidates or taking sides in political campaigns.

The original Tiger Bay club was founded in Tallahassee by Dan Cunningham in 1971 after meeting with then Governor Reubin Askew, who agreed there was a need for a new uniquely and specifically political organization instead of the usual civic organization. The first chapter’s first meeting was hosted by¬†Governor Askew.

The Tiger Bay Club began with the original purpose of providing a non-partisan forum on current political issues and listen to the views of newsmakers and leaders of the day. The club has never endorsed political candidates nor advocated a particular ideology. It has always welcomed groundbreaking ideas, passionate and insightful discussions; the more outrageous, the better. Humor, sharp introductions, and the occasional roasting of members and guests are the mark of a good meeting.

If laughter is good medicine, then the members of the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club can expect to lead long lives.


September 3: New FEMA flood maps...change is on the way!

Join the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club, a non-partisan political organization designed to foster understanding of public issues.

  • 6120 S. Lockwood Ridge Rd.
    Sarasota, Florida 34231
  • 1.941.925.2970
    Fax: 941.827.2920
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