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Tiger Bay Clubs are Florida-based political clubs.
They are considered non-partisan.


Sarasota School Board
Districts 2 and 3

July 11, 2024

City of Sarasota
District 1

July 25, 2024

County Commission
Districts 1 and 3

August 1, 2024

City of Sarasota
Districts 2 and 3

August 15, 2024

Our 2024 Constitutional Amendments

October 3, 2024

Election Wrap Up

November 14, 2024

"When the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club was created in 1984, I joined and I've stayed because it's the only forum where the decision makers respond to the hard questions that are not asked elsewhere." — Barbara Ford-Coates, Sarasota Tax Collector "When I want first-hand information on important—and sometimes intractable topics — I go to Tiger Bay." — Pam Truitt "Passionate, civil and respectful exchanges of diverse perspectives on controversial issues is alive and well at Tiger Bay in Sarasota. Outlets across the country may consider emulating this approach in this family we call America." — Peter Abbott "Sarasota Tiger Bay is the ideal environment for all of us committed to lifelong learning and want to know more about our beautiful Sarasota community." — Donna Barcomb "Great people, Interesting conversations, timely topics." — Carol Butera "CONA joined the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club because it shares our sense of responsibility to engage and inform the community about diverse civic issues." — Kafi Benz "If you really want to know what's happening in Sarasota and who is doing it, come to Tiger Bay!" — Ken Shelin "Tiger Bay is educational and informative, provides an opportunity to mingle with others interested in civic and political issues and is a lot of fun!" — Shannon Staub "Sarasota Tiger Bay Rocks!" — Ray Pilon "We don’t know of a better way than Tiger Bay to keep yourself educated about community affairs." — Vinny and Joan LaBash "No matter the subject, the unparalleled programs of the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club are my favorite events in town, allowing me to stay updated and connected." — Leslie Loftus


The mission of The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club is: To promote community understanding of current political and social issues, through public discourse and the free exchange of ideas.

The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club is a non-partisan political organization that was formed to foster understanding of public issues. Tiger Bay’s philosophy is that in-person, face-to-face exchanges and confrontations with key policy makers is the ideal to understand today’s complex issues.

Tiger Bay is political but non-partisan. Its Charter and By-Laws prevent candidate endorsements or taking sides in political campaigns. However, the club certainly subjects candidates on its panels to no-holds-barred question and answer sessions by moderators and Tiger members. The ability to ask questions of panel participants is one of the privileges of Tiger membership. Tiger Bay will never have just one candidate in a race on a panel and no matter what the subject, there will always be a pro/con or a Democrat/Republican.

The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club has a long history of encouraging the young people of Sarasota to be involved in current issues. The club encourages young people to get involved by attending the panel presentations. Special thanks to the Eliza and Hugh Culverhouse Family Foundation for sponsoring students’ participation in the Tiger Bay lunch programs.