About The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club

The mission of The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club is:
To promote community understanding of current political and social issues, through public discourse and the free exchange of ideas.

The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club is a non-partisan political organization that was formed to foster understanding of public issues. We decided it was better to attack the issues in face-to-face confrontations with key policy makers than merely lament the drift of politics. We’re political, but non-partisan. The Charter and By-Laws of our organization prevent us from endorsing candidates or taking sides in political campaigns but we certainly subject the candidates who sit on our panel to a no-holds-barred question and answer session by our Members.  We will never have just one candidate in a race on our panel – we will always have a pro/con or a Democrat/Republican.

The Sarasota Tiger Bay Club began officially in 1982, faultered and then began again in 1984 with Marj Baldwin at the helm as President and Moderator.    Marj retired in 2009, and passed away August 1, 2012. She was very proud of the club and kept up to date with the programs thru her daughter Kim Noyes and Tiger members.

We made a few changes to our luncheon meetings that seem to be working well.  In 2009 you began seeing a different moderator at the podium for our meetings, and we tried the roaming mics on the floor.   We’ll try to make changes that will benefit you as a member and changes that allow you to get more involved in the workings of our club.  We welcome your suggestions.

We have a strong board, and our President, Kim Noyes (Marj Baldwin’s daughter) has been with us since 1986.

In 2012, the Board voted, in honor of Marj Baldwin and her love of the kids and military in our community, to award a $1,000 scholarship to a cadet of Sarasota Military Academy.  That student met certain criteria as determined by the board and the Headmaster of SMA.   The scholarship award was given out at our May luncheons in 2013 thru 2017

Join the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club, a non-partisan political organization designed to foster understanding of public issues.

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    Sarasota, Florida 34231
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