Become a Member of Sarasota Tiger Bay Club

Members of the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club — the powerful, the connected, the politically savvy…

We are over 700 members strong and growing!

The Sarasota Tiger Bay club has four membership options:

  • $100 Individual
  • $150 Household
  • $250 Corporate 1 (up to 4 members)
  • $350 Corporate 2 (up to 8 members)
  • $450 Corporate 3 (up to 12 members)
  • If you choose a Corporate Membership, you’ll designate your members and anyone that comes from your organization that isn’t a designated member, will pay the non-member luncheon fee.
  • If one of our members brings a guest to the meeting and that guest joins, the next lunch for that member is on us.

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